We strive to improve the quality of our reporting and provide our clients and stakeholders with greater insight into our Responsible Investment and Stewardship practices. In this section of the report you can view 30 case studies that provide an insight into the value that can be added through careful investment analysis and prudent decision making.

Click on the map below to pinpoint case studies within a certain region or country, or simply use the case study links below the map to go directly to the full case study.

Global Listed Infrastructure
Ausnet Services
Duke Energy
Global Resources
WH Group
Global Listed Property Securities
Westfield Group and westfield retail trust
Australia Equities, Core
Transurban group
Santos limited
Australia Equities, Growth
Sino gas and energy
Origin energy
Agl energy
Indonesian Equities
Holcim Indonesia
Sri Rejeki Isman
First State Stewart
Giant Manufacturing
Guaranty Trust Bank
China Mengniu
Global Fixed Income and Credit
Aurizon Holdings LTD
Petroleo Brasileiro (petrobras)
Carnival Corp
ESG and Corporate Bonds
Asian Fixed Income
Agile Property Holdings Limited
- Lodha developments
Times Property Holdings
ESG and Corporate Bonds
Emerging Markets Debt
Unlisted Infrastructure
Adelaide Airport
The Australian Clean Energy infrastructure fund
Anglian water CHP initiative